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Computing and Software

Welcome to the wiki home of the joint IGWN Computing and Software Working Groups (CompSoft).

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If you came here looking for instructions on how to use IGWN computing resources, your best bet is to search on the IGWN Computing Guide:

If you came here looking for help with a problem, please see Help and support (on the IGWN Computing Guide).

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CompSoft is chaired by the following persons:
  • Stefano Bagnasco (Virgo)
  • Franco Carbognani (Virgo)
  • Peter Couvares (LSC)
  • Nobuyuki Kanda (KAGRA)
  • Duncan Macleod (LSC)
  • Ken-ichi Oohara (KAGRA)


Most of the useful documentation has been migrated onto the IGWN Computing Guide:

Help and Support

For help and support, please consult the links on the IGWN Computing Guide:

Telecons and meetings

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Mailing lists

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