LIGO Data Replicator (LDR)

O3+ Planning

Contact Information

To request a transfer, please fill out a ticket in the LDR Redmine tracker. Bugs can also be reported at this same link.

Questions related to LDR and requests for data transfers should be sent to the LDR Admin mailing list,

Click on this link to subscribe to the mailing list.


The Lag plots show the status of transfers of the current dataset to CIT.

The overall health of several nagios monitors is represented on this GW Status monitor page. Clicking on the LDR box will bring you to this page with the status of each individual monitor.

Information about the data availability and lag at each site can be found on this Data Monitor.

The nagios monitors will send out email alerts if there is a problem with any of the daemons, or if any publishing or transfer jobs lag more than 4 hours behind realtime.

This LDR Monitor Page is currently broken, but if fixed provides detailed, but hard to read plots with details about the various transfers, including trend plots of transfer rates.

Some simplified results:
  1. CIT
  2. LHO
  3. LLO
  4. AEI

The URL query may contain two key words, hostname and ds_filter. The argument is treated as a regular expression.


Here is a List of sites that are setup to receive LDR transfers, and contact information for admins at that site.

How it works

Setting up transfers.

Setting up publishing.

Basic Installation

These are instructions for a minimal LDR installation that will allow a site to receive LDR transfers. This is the simplest to deploy and maintain and is recommended for any site that wishes to receive data but will not publish any data.

Instructions for deploying an LDRDataFindServer to answer ligo_data_find and gw_data_find queries for data. These instructions are geared for deployment on Debian. For Scientific Linux, you may wish to read the next link.

These notes describe deployment of an LDRDataFindServer on a Virgo SL6 machine.

Full LDR Network Installation

Instructions for installing a new SL6 LDR slave node or a new Debian LDR slave node. This allows a site to send and receive data, publish data into the LDR database, and manage any transfer.

Instructions for installing a new LDR master node.

Post-Transfer Data Validation

This page describes a system to validate LDR data. LDR automatically validates files during transfers. If you wish to periodically check your local files for bit rot, deploy this system. Can be deployed at a site with a minimal install or a full LDR slave node.

LDR Admin Notes

Here are some notes to help administer the LDR service

Deprecated Documentation

The notes below are mainly from a previous incarnation of LDR.

Development Manual

Go here for ldrv1 development. This page contains many useful examples of common LDR(v1) tasks and other useful information. This page was written by Jeff Kline, the main architect of LDRv1, and contains helpful information for uncommon use cases that might not be covered above.

The LDR Development Manual can be found here. This is from the original LDR incarnation by Scott Koranda. Much of this information may be out of date.

Administrator Manual

The LDR Administrator Manual can be found here. Also by Scott Koranda and covering the original LDR. Likely out of date.

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