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A collection of documents about using and/or developing tools for LIGO data analysis

Getting Started

  • Getting Started HOWTO [ HTML]
    • gives an overview on LSC computing and software resources for large-scale data analysis
  • LSC DataGrid HOWTO [ HTML]
    • explains the mechanics of gaining access to computing resources
  • Grid Development and Deployment of LSC Data Analysis Software [ PDF]
    • flowchart of how various pieces of software fit together
  • Grid Workshop for LSC Users [ HTML]
    • An archive of materials presented at the LSC grid computing workshop. There are links to tutorials which will provide users with all the basic knowledge and skills required in order to take advantage of the computational resources provided by the LSC DataGrid.
  • LDG USER MANUAL [ Left Menu (left Menusof LDG and DASWG webpages are important sources of information) ]
    • How to get started, Install Data Grid Client, Getting & Renewing Certificates, Certificates in your Browser & in Keychain,Account Request, CVS/GIT/SVN & BugTracking (Gnatsweb) Account Request, Intro to Data Grid Tools, Matlab Cluster Tips, FAQ.
  • Condor accounting group information [ HTML]
    • How to construct a Condor accounting group string for use on an LDG computing cluster, and how to add it to your Condor submit files.


  • LSCSOFT - Software Installation HOWTO [ HTML ] [ Shell script (.sh)]
    • explains how to install software (from the sources) required to build the various LSC software projects (OS/platform independent installation); if you're using one of the supported OS's, you can go directly to the Repository link.
  • HOWTO request new software / packages to be included in LSCSOFT bundle or to update the FROZEN supported OS's [ Wiki]
    • explains the standard procedure for a user or developer to request the inclusion of new packages into LSCSOFT or to update existing packages on the LSC cluster sites; this procedure must be followed in order to assure that the new software or update will not break any of the well established and understood Data Analysis software and/or the frozen operative system that support the Data Analysis infrastructure. Any request must be approved by the SCCB.
  • LAL and LALApps installation howto [ HTML]
    • explains how to install the LAL and LALApps data analysis software
  • LSCSoft MacPorts HOWTO [ HTML]
    • explains how to install the LSC Software Stack on Mac OS X using MacPorts.
  • LSCSOFT - Yum Repository Maintainer HOWTO [ HTML]
    • explains how to release new and updated software (building of RPM packages for supported OS's) via the LSCSOFT yum repository.
    • explains how to access and use the LSCSoft CVS archive
    • explains how to access and use the LSCSoft SVN archive
  • LALSuite Git Instructions [ HTML]
    • provides instructions for using git to access and use LALSuite Git repository
  • Basic LALSuite Git Instructions [ HTML]
    • provides very basic instructions to get started in accessing the LALSuite Git repository
  • Git use-case document [ HTML]
    • gives concrete suggestions on day-to-day management of builds and development with git within the LSC
  • Software Release Practice HOWTO [ HTML]
    • provides some release and software practices; from the Linux Documentation project


  • DASWG Web Page Editing HOWTO [ HTML]
    • Explains how to edit these web pages
  • LSC MatApps HOWTO [ HTML]
    • explains how to setup environment variables and paths for use with the MatApps repository, and how to make use of the Makefile scheme.

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