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Network Data Service (NDS) is a TCP/IP protocol for retrieving online or archived data from thousands of instrument channels at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) sites and data analysis clusters.

Project Librarians

John Zweizig. e-mail: john.zweizig at


Edward Maros. e-mail: ed.maros at
Jonathan Hanks. e-mail: jonathan.hanks at
Joseph Areeda. e-mail: joseph.areeda at


Documentation ( Early Access )

  • The Following documentation reflects the latest changes committed to the repository.
  • There may be errors
  • The version numbers reflect the previous release version.


The latest stable release of nds-client is 0.15.3. It can be downloaded from

The latest development version of nds-client is available from the repository. Check it out with the following command:
$ git clone

You may also browse the repository using the web interface.

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