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This page provides detailed instructions for enabling the LSCSoft Repositories on Debian 8.x (Jessie) systems.

The current reference version of the Debian operating system is version 8, codename "jessie". We package experimentally for Debian Testing, codename "stretch" so the daring can substitute "stretch" for "jessie" below if they wish to use Debian Testing. The support for Debian Testing is on a best effort basis. The installation has to be performed as the root user.

Configure Repositories

  1. Add the Debian LSCSoft repository to your system by adding the following to the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/lscsoft.list:
    deb jessie contrib
    deb-src jessie contrib
  2. You can then begin using the repository by following these commands

Easy Way

Debian expects software repositories to be signed with a secure encryption key that is not yet installed on your system. The simplest way to add the LSCSoft signing key is to use these commands. You will have to agree to trust the repository.
# apt-get update
# apt-get install lscsoft-archive-keyring

Manual verification

  1. If you prefer to verify the keyring yourself, you can manually download the keyring, verify it, and install it manually. The output of the second command must equal the long string shown below.
    # wget
    # openssl md5 -sha256 lscsoft-archive-keyring_2016.06.20-2_all.deb
    SHA256(lscsoft-archive-keyring_2016.06.20-2_all.deb)= 6bc13fa2d1f1e10faadea4ba18380a002be869a78988bbc22194202c9ba71697
    # dpkg -i lscsoft-archive-keyring_2016.06.20-2_all.deb
  2. After installing the lscsoft-archive-keyring package you need to update the repository meta-data again:
    # apt-get update

Install LSCSoft Packages

  1. You can install all the LSCSoft software by installing the lscsoft-all meta-package:
    # apt-get install lscsoft-all
  2. Your system is now configured with all the LSC Software and is ready for development usage.

Testing Repository

If you want to track the LSCSoft Testing repository then you simply add the testing repository details to your configuration.

  1. Make sure the production repository is enabled, by following the above instructions .
  2. Add the Debian LSCSoft testing repository to your system by adding the following to the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/lscsoft-testing.list:
    deb jessie-proposed contrib
    deb-src jessie-proposed contrib
  3. You can then update the repository metadata with:
    # apt-get update
  4. Check for, and install, any updates using:
    # apt-get upgrade
    # apt-get dist-upgrade


If you encounter any problems with these instructions please file a ticket here. Fill out the summary and description field and leave everything else as they are.
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