LDAS Tools provides a collection of libraries and utility programs that can be leveraged to simply tasks related to reading and writing of frames, maintain a hash of files on a file system, and to create custom frame sets.

Project Librarian

  • Edward Maros. e-mail: ed.maros at ligo.org


For The Current Release Version

For The Latest Development Version

The latest version of the documentation is located here. The reported version may be in error as the version number only gets modified just prior to the release of the software. Also, there may be documentation of functions and features not yet available in the production version. This is the nature of beta release of the documentation. It is intended to be of most assistance to developers of ldas-tools as well as those compiling and linking against the head of the repository.


The latest development version of ldas-tools is available from the LIGO CIT git repositories. The repository can be cloned with
$ git clone ssh+git://git.ligo.caltech.edu/repos/ldas.git

using ligo.org credentials

The ldas-tools package is in the ldas-tools sub directory

Static Packages for SL 6

These packages have been compiled statically allowing them to have no other dependencies and can be installed without root privileges.

Bug Reporting

Before you file a ticket, please read and search through the list of current and previous tickets to determine if your issue has already been filed. If it does not already exist please use https://bugs.ligo.org to report the problem, giving as much detail as possible. If a ticket already exists and has not been fixed, add any additional information to the existing report. If your bug exists and has been fixed, upgrade to the version detailed in the ticket to confirm if it has been fixed correctly. If it was not, please reopen the ticket.

Nightly Build

LDAS Tools is built nightly on a variety of platforms and using a variety of different compilers. Further information can be found here.


The Roadmap for this project is maintained through Redmine. There are two significant links. The first describes verbally the overall goals that are being planned and can be found here. The second is the Gantt chart describing when specific tasks are planned on being completed and can be found here.

-- EdMaros - 17 Aug 2015
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