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Job Application Advice One general thing to keep in mind is that LIGO is definitely "big science". You will need to make a special effort to ensure that potential...
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Reference Letters Some guidelines and advices These are general advices for people writing reference letters, in particular in the context of highlighting the co...
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This page lists opportunities in science policy and outreach. If you know of an opportunity that should be added to this list, please email it to the LSC Academic...
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This page lists job opportunities at the graduate student level in the research areas of gravitational waves, experimental gravity, astrophysics, and related fiel...
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LSC Academic Advisory Committee (LAAC) The LAAC was created back in the Initial LIGO era towards the end of S5 as the LSC was beginning to rapidly grow. It initia...
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LIGO Academic Advisory Committee (LAAC) We help students and postdocs to learn more about LVC, find useful information and collaborate. You can reach all of the m...
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