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LIGO Academic Advisory Committee (LAAC)

We help students and postdocs to learn more about LVC, find useful information and collaborate. You can reach all of the members of the LAAC by email

Upcoming LVC meeting:Poster Prize, Wiki page and DCC agenda

Useful LAAC material

For LVC meetings

Career with LVC

Student records

  • Thesis database -- list of students working on LIGO related projects. Advisors can add their students to the list.
  • Past Ph.D. students list
  • Help on managing current and past student listings in the thesis database
  • GWoptics provides information and software related to gravitational wave detection, with a special focus on optics research.
  • Technical resources (how-to documents, etc.) for new students and postdocs.

LAAC resources

Under development

LAAC Projects

LAAC Web Utilities

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